Services offered in Berkshire and beyond.

KGH Hypnobirthing with many years experience using the excellent and long-standing KGH (Katharine Graves) method

Authentic and organic birth photography 

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Doula support in Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire

Long-standing Positive Birth Movement facilitator –

Services offered in Berkshire and beyond. A picture of the Positive Birth Movement group I run a free positive birth group, part of The Positive Birth Movement a worldwide grassroots movement
A global network of free to attend antenatal groups, linked up by social media.
Connecting pregnant women together to share stories, expertise and positivity about childbirth.
Aiming to challenge the epidemic of negativity and fear that surrounds modern birth and help change birth for the better.

Join us as we meet up, link up and shake up birth!

Sandhurst & Surrounding Areas in Berkshire covering Berkshire, Surrey and North Hampshire

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**No advice is given, we signpost and encourage discussion with your midwife.  We do not recommend you go against medical advice**

Here are some comments from people that have attended the group –

The group is where I felt free to express myself whilst information on labour and birth allowed to empower myself.
Whether you’re expecting or have given birth it’s a coming together of minds to share experiences, and information in a supportive and friendly environment. It is a very relaxed evening that I thoroughly gain a lot from. It is reassuring to have the attendance of midwives at some of the sessions outside of the medical environment where you don’t have the pressure of time to hinder all of those burning questions you might have. Erika herself is an excellent facilitator who is a great listener and source of advice offering women the chance to explore ideas and options they may not have considered, empowering the woman to feel confident in her decisions whilst opening minds up to other possibilities.
I have gained so much from attending these sessions and made friends into the bargain!

I wish I’d found this group sooner. I only got to attend one session before the birth of my baby but it was an immense help in empowering me to resist advice to be induced and to just wait. I wanted a home birth and this group gave me the knowledge and confidence in my body to go for it.

Utter fabness!

Throughout the course of my pregnancy, the wonderful Positive Birth Group really set my mind at rest, helped to empower me and helped to focus me on all the positives.  Erika’s lending library and the PBG meant I had enough knowledge to feel confident and deal with the situation when it arose.

I attended on a friends advice and so glad I did! I went in for my planned C Section (due to a breech baby) feeling empowered and confident I had control. I felt able to voice my concerns and they were heard thanks to the amazing support received at the group. I’m also now friends with a couple of the fellow Mummys even now 2.5yrs on  it’s such a relaxed and easy going atmosphere to chat and voice concerns. I’ll definitely return should I be lucky enough to conceive baby 2 xxx