Doula Services: a brief introduction

My Doula services in Berkshire and Surrey

A doula supports the whole family and ensures a positive experience during pregnancy, birth and the early weeks with a new baby. It’s a bit like having your mum or your best friend with you – except a doula won’t suggest you name the baby after your granddad or mention the fact that you “could have at least bought a nice new dressing gown for the occasion”.

I cover a large area from Sandhurst – Windsor  – Reading – Bracknell – Camberley.
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Not a new notion 

The concept of having a companion providing support to a birthing mother dates back to prehistoric times, evidenced by archeological findings of stone carvings and statues and anthropological studies. The more modern understanding of a “doula” (a name derived from ancient Greek, meaning “a woman who serves”) first emerged in the States in the 1960s when women began to ask for less medication, less intervention and more practical knowledge to equip them for childbirth.

So…not a midwife?

The key differences between a doula and a midwife are quite distinct. A midwife is a medical professional who is present to ensure that mother and baby experience birth safely. Together with the birthing person medical decisions are decided.  A doula, on the other hand, will be by your side offering non-medical techniques such as breathing, massage and helping you move into different positions. We also provide emotional support and act as an advocate on your behalf ensuring that you are presented with information to make an informed choice. The key thing we provide? Confidence and that all-important feeling of empowerment.

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Always in your corner

Nobody wants to hear the word “emergency” during labour. But emergency C-sections do happen and it can be upsetting to learn that you need one imminently with little time to prepare yourself emotionally. In the event of an unplanned C-section, a doula can be a huge comfort, giving you extra attention to help alleviate fears and anxieties. Above all, a doula will always be on your side.

Engaging me as your doula

My doula service is an excellent way to round off your antenatal education. I’m a practical, no-nonsense but ultimately warm and really personal presence during your birth. I’ll support you at every turn, but never come between you and your care providers or impress my opinion on you or your partner. I have oodles of experience and truly love what I do. Helping you through this challenging yet beautiful time is just the most rewarding work one can hope for.

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Being someone’s doula is an intensely personal thing – no two clients are the same.

Therefore, no two services are the same and are priced as such.
It’s an entirely bespoke experience tailored carefully to you and your needs.

My services look a little like this:

  • We start with an initial “getting to know you” call
  • On-call for you and no one else!
  • 2 antenatal visits to talk about your hopes, dreams and fears
  • Continuous emotional and physical support through your labour and birth until settled, bonding and feeding.
  • My calming, reassuring presence at birth. Subject to local guidelines during COVID.
  • Lots of goodies such as the loan of a TENS machine, books, essential oils and a birth pool
  • 1 post-natal session
  • Support and information for those looking to breastfeed, bottle feed and/or combi feed
  • Self-care tips you’ll actually use!

Starting from £1150


We can opt you into any of my extra services on top of what’s included above.

  • On CALL for 4 weeks
  • Private KGH Hypnobirthing classes
  • Birth photography

Other doula courses I offer:

Your Fourth Trimester Course

This is a 2-hour postnatal course, providing extra knowledge and bags of confidence.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How your baby physically and psychologically develops in the first six weeks
  • Better understand your newborn
  • Read your baby’s cues and personality

This course is offered during school hours

Starts at £120 per session