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A little note about COVID-19 and lockdown…

During these deeply troubled times when in-person services are really rather difficult to carry out, I can assure you that all of my services are performed in full compliance with government advice. If I need to socially distance, I socially distance. If I need to wear full PPE, I wear full PPE. You’re in completely safe hands with me.

Erika Townend Birth photography in black and white a mother sharing her news of the birth of her baby



How the movies helped!

I was a week overdue and starting to get a little impatient! I’d had a couple of acupuncture appointments, reflexology and been doing all manner of meditation and visualisations but the little guy was staying put! On Thursday morning I had a membrane sweep and my...

Celebrating New Years Day!

Celebrating New Years Day!

Just wanted to drop you an email to let you know our beautiful boy arrived with us at 10:53 pm 10 days early on New Years Day weighing an impressive 9.5lbs. Thanks to the classes with Erika Townend Birth and my amazing midwife J, I was able to have a water birth in...

An earlier than expected arrival

An earlier than expected arrival

A Hypnobirthing in Berkshire and Surrey storyI thought I would just let you know that our little boy arrived on Sunday night, 9 days early, weighing 7lb 13oz! Things started off at about 5 am on Sunday morning, as I had a bloody show which had quite a lot of fresh...