Celebrating New Years Day!

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Just wanted to drop you an email to let you know our beautiful boy arrived with us at 10:53 pm 10 days early on New Years Day weighing an impressive 9.5lbs.
Thanks to the classes with Erika Townend Birth and my amazing midwife J, I was able to have a water birth in the Mulberry suite. L was amazing and didn’t leave my side the whole time. It was a combination of these things that I truly believe I was able to have a completely natural, pain-free birth. Every surge I remembered you saying “you can do anything for a minute” it really works! Along with staying completely relaxed and allowing my body to take over and do its thing.

I just wanted to thank you for your guidance and wisdom.

Feel like I may be able to help you? Don’t dilly dally, get in touch here https://www.erikatownendbirth.co.uk/contact/
With thanks to the parents for sharing their images.


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