I cover Birth Photography in Berkshire and Surrey.

You might have instantly dismissed the idea of birth photography and I don’t necessarily blame you. It can feel like an odd concept and is a relatively new idea here in the UK. But hear me out: it’s a gorgeous chapter in your story that you will definitely want to capture.

Here’s us a long time ago!
Black and white image of women and husband post birth full of oxytocin

This is why you want to freeze that moment in time.  This is what Oxytocin looks like.

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Colour image of babies toes with a daisy ring on her big toe

A day to remember

The oxytocin and endorphins pumping through your body the day you give birth can have something of an obliterating effect. The same chemicals that make mothers forget about the challenge of childbirth (and merrily sign up for second and third pregnancies) can rob you of some of the memories you’d actually like to hold on to. The power and strength displayed during childbirth coupled with the sheer grit and determination I see in my clients is simply breath-taking. If you arrange to have an experienced birth photographer like me present, you can have these extraordinary elements of your birth captured in all their glory.

Incredible you

Giving birth is glorious. Sure, it can be painful and strange (by the way if you’re worried about the pain, check out my hypnobirthing course!), but don’t forget that it’s a culmination of the hardest nine months’ work your body will ever do and that is a marvellous, incredible thing. Your body is amazing and that should be celebrated with beautiful, thoughtfully conducted photography.


The moment your whole world changed

Let’s not forget the birth partners! Yes, you might be doing all the heavy lifting but the person holding the hand, encouraging the breathing and keeping everything calm is working pretty hard too. Their lives are about to change forever too, and that moment when men become fathers, or women become mothers, is both beautiful and fleeting. Trust me, I’ve seen some of the toughest cookies crumble at the sight of their new son or daughter arriving into the world!

Black and white image of first feed with sibling watching

In good hands

Many parents-to-be fear that birth photography will be intrusive, or even a little bit weird. I promise a subtle, thoughtful experience that will not in any way hamper your birth or mindset. I’m a qualified doula and hypnobirthing expert so I know how important it is to stay centred, confident and positive during childbirth. These qualifications make me the ideal photographer to capture your baby’s first ever moments on the planet.

Featured in The Telegraph and the Association of Radical Midwives.


Maternity + Birth

I don’t offer packages as such because every birth and everyone is different. It’s an entirely bespoke experience tailored carefully to you and your preferences.

You’ve spent nine exciting months waiting to meet your baby, and now the moment of truth is here! Trust me, you’re going to be absolutely wonderful. Birth is such an incredible showcase of just what your body can do, it’s difficult not to be impressed with yourself. I offer gentle, unobtrusive birth photography that captures this miraculous achievement.

Can include:

An online call to get to know one another, just to put you at ease
A lovely, peaceful photography session conducted unobtrusively during your labour, birth and up to two hours of your baby arriving 
A number of high-res digital files with print licence
Password-protected online gallery
Albums, prints and further hi-res files can be discussed separately

Starts at £1100

Colour image of woman in her veil with her pregnant belly and young daughter

Documenting a day in the life of …

I offer fully bespoke options to suit you but in a nutshell, these sessions are designed to capture a day in the life of you and your new family. I can spend anywhere between an hour and a whole day (your choice) with you, capturing the quiet and (and chaotic!) moments that shape your new world. It’s a photography experience that beautifully preserves this most exciting of times in your family’s history: I tend to favour a relaxed and natural style of shoot – so pyjamas more than welcome!

Can include:

An online call to get to know one another (just to put you at ease)
A home photography session conducted unobtrusively during the first few weeks of your baby arriving
Guidance on your wardrobe (if you want some)
A number of  high-res digital files with print licence
Password-protected online gallery
Albums and prints to be discussed separately

Starts at £799