Birth Photography

Birth Photography in Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire

Black and white birth photography image of a waterbirth expecting twins. Partners hand gently placed on her tummy to give comfort and reassurance.

Twin labour in water


Come and explore birth photography and what it can provide you.  Birth hormones have a strange way of making everything hazy and so we forget the details.

…the way your partner held your hand during labour…the look of ♥, support and worry all in one gaze perhaps from your partner…the strength you gained from their support…your face intermingled with surprise at your inner strength…the look your partner as you reach for your baby…or when you see your baby for the first time through the clear drape and,  of course, the moment you and your baby both find each other’s eyes for the very first time…

Let Birth Photography seize this for you.   Wrap them up in a very real and unique bubble of time.






My skills will come into play naturally and unobtrusively.  It is imperative that the birth scene is nurtured and left undisturbed as much as possible to have he best chance to achieve a positive birth.  With experience and technically advanced equipment noise is kept to an absolute minimum to protect this.

“Erika is a great birth photographer, she helped remind me of how positive my experience was as I was not present for part of it, I had only faint recollection of events – Erika helped me piece together all of it, as a result, I am more confident about my bonding with L as well as breastfeeding.”

“It was amazing having you here at our twin labour.  I found your presence so calm and reassuring.   We love our birth photography slideshow we will happily cherish & share them for years to come.”

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A day in the life of a new or growing family, capturing the quiet and or chaotic moments that family life can throw you.
Be who you are, be how you are. This session is about once again capturing the real and unique part of you and your family.  I take you as you are, in your PJ’s, unshowered or beautifully coordinated.  A glimpse of a YOU that will forever transport you back to that day at that moment in time.

“Erika came to our house to photograph our newborn baby girl, I love natural shots and wanted to capture our little one and her tiny perfect features in her own surroundings.
Erika has captured our little family beautifully and I can’t express how much the photos mean to us.  Tears were flowing as we watched the slideshow – Erika puts so much thought and effort in, and you can tell she loves what she does! I’m already booking Erika in for our next labour…whenever that may be!! “