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I woke up at 8 am on the 15th of January. I knew something was happening as the type of feeling I was having I had not felt before with the Braxton Hicks. My husband and I cuddled in bed for a few hours, then got up and made breakfast. By 11 am, they were getting a bit stronger, with no pain at all, only some pressure. So my husband called the birth centre at Frimley Park Hospital. She was happy with the progress.

We relaxed while watching some tv and I sat bouncing on my birth ball. At 3 pm, I decided to make homemade roast potatoes and a big salad. It was yummy lol.

By 6 pm, the surges were 8 minutes apart and the pressure was slightly more. I didn’t feel like this was the main event as I have zero pain and didn’t feel like it was intense enough. My husband called the birth centre again, and she told us to make our way in. The drive is around 45 minutes from our home. We arrived at 7:30 pm and were directed to a lovely private room, where we unpacked, put our humidifier on with lavender oil scent and dimmed the lighting. Our lovely midwife had not had a Hypnobirthing couple before, so she sat with us and chatted to understand what we needed from her. At 9 pm the surges were now 4min apart and I had my 1st dose of antibiotics for the GBS bacteria. That took 15 minutes to go in. At 9:30 pm I went to the pool and got in the water. It was so relaxing and eased the pressure from each surge. I was so relaxed I fell asleep in between surges.

My waters broke in the pool at around 12:30 am Monday morning. Now the surges were high in pressure but still no pain. The midwife would monitor the baby’s heartbeat in the water every 15-20 minutes. At 1:30 am another midwife came in to administer my 2nd dose of antibiotics, as she was lining up the needle I pulled my arm away and said “Heads coming” the pressure was very intense, it wasn’t quite the head, it was the membrane in front of the head! That took around 20 minutes to come out, then I knew the head was coming. This was the only bit of pain I felt. My body was automatically pushing the head out as I was breathing and making odd noises.

The water was very murky as the baby had pooped and, of course, the blood, so no one could see anything, I shouted: “heads out!” And in the next surge, his body followed. This was 2:11 am. We could not see in the water so I felt around for the baby and slowly brought him up and onto me. Eyes were open and looking around but there was no cry, so we massaged the baby for 15 seconds and then a big cry came out. (This is considered quite normal for hypnobirthing babies that are born calmly ~ E Townend) At that point, I checked between the legs and told everyone” it’s a boy!” At this point, my husband was crying and completely overwhelmed.  I wanted to birth the placenta before cutting the cord, but after an hour of waiting, we decided the cord was done. It had turned white, so Garry cut it and I was then given a shot and the placenta followed within a few minutes. I did not have any tears, just a graze on my labia that needed a few stitches.  We slept for8 hours straight before little one woke to feed. It was such a wonderful birth experience. So calm, and the result is a very calm little baby. We called him H and he weighed 7lb 3oz. The midwives could not believe how wonderful the birth was and that it was 4.5 hours long. Thank you so much for all your support and for teaching us how lovely it can be. I cannot recommend Hypnobirthing enough to everyone. Until you actually experience it, you have no idea how fantastic it really is. Best wishes.

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