You want WHAT photographed?


Err..wait…..Birth Photography……Why?

So let me try and explain what is right about Birth Photography.

You may have heard about it and instantly dismissed the idea as perhaps a moment of eww…and yes it is a relatively new concept in the UK.  But I do then often get asked questions, maybe out of curiosity, and mostly, coupled with the furrowed brow and questioning eyes I then get asked;

“Do you photograph that part?”
“What all the blood and ……”

The answer is Yes and Yes BUT and please hold on and let me explain a little more.  It is so so much more than this!

Let me tell you my thoughts and those who have had their story captured.

It is the details.
It is the telling of a story.
The emotions felt at that moment in time and captured are then almost tangible.
The documentation of the birth of your child and this for me is why I find this job so incredible.

Apart from your wedding day what else could be deemed as important as this?  Bringing a human being into this amazing world of ours.

Showing your journey through your labour ♥

The people that you interacted with ♥

The place you birthed your child in ♥

There is no need to feel self-conscious, a woman is rarely as beautiful as she is when she is birthing.  And after all, it is these small details that you are looking to capture.

The details that show who you REALLY are.

Observing your journey unfold post-birth is your rite of passage just as birth is.  From woman to mother whether for the first or subsequent time and oh so much more.

Let’s not forget the huge importance our partner/s  have in this experience.

Black and white image of a couple in labour in hospital woman being comforted by Erika Townend Birth

To record who they are.
How they transform from partner to parent for the first or subsequent time.
The meaning they hold for you.
How these images will forever retell their part in the journey.
Those first moments of meeting your baby.
Taking in all those million and one things!

From the amazement, as you slowly come back to the here and now to acknowledge your babies sex.
To who they look like, all without having to miss a beat and this birth photographer is right there quietly unobtrusively and with a silent camera (no annoying clicking here) making your memories come alive again and again from one generation to the next.

The mixture of birth hormones present in the woman’s body in labour, coupled with possible tiredness will, without doubt, leave you with a sense of time-lapse.
Let a Birth Photographer record those fleeting memories and provide you with your birth story and a million memories!

Black and white image of meeting their new baby after a homebirth with a midiwfe by Erika Townend Birth

If you might be interested in hiring a Birth Photographer, I would encourage you to find someone who is well versed in understanding birth physiology.  Normally you would expect to get to know your photographer over a period of months with a few informal meetings.  The Birth Photographer would then be on call 24/7 from your 38th week to when the baby arrives.  A contract is commonly used to agree between both parties on what will be delivered whether hi-res images, slideshows, video or an album.

Ready to chat? Erika Townend Birth

An article in the Telegraph quoting my thoughts on BP


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