Why Hypnobirthing?

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Why Hypnobirthing?

Black and white image of a woman in labour with partner support using hypnobirthing

Why Hypnobirthing and what is hypnobirthing? It is a form of hypnosis that was first used and discovered in the mid-1800s and it was soon after this that it went on to be used as a form of pain relief in childbirth.  Hypnosis is often described as a form of daydreaming.

When did you last notice yourself daydream?

The importance of the birth hormones and understanding how to protect them is imperative.  One of which and is often mentioned is Oxytocin which incidentally is not just paramount at the time of birth but before, during and after childbirth.  Alongside other hormones, we need to learn how to nurture them, love them, and create them.  This is why taking a full Hypnobirthing course with your local qualified and experienced KGHypnobirthing practitioner will I assure you to be invaluable to you and your birth team.  It will provide you with so many skills and quite probably with the best chance of having a positive birth.

Black and white image of a couple using Hypnobirth skills whilst relaxing in the pool by Erika Townend Birth

With all the methods and medical support, why Hypnobirthing?  Simply put, it works!
Yes, ok I realise that in the world we live in, that is simply not enough and you want concrete evidence.  Well here is the thing there is no such thing as concrete evidence
(but that’s another story) However, there have been a number of small studies over the years which has allowed us a glimpse into the wonders of Hypnobirthing.

Werner et al. (2013) RCT for example recruited over 1200 women in Denmark in a randomized, controlled, single‐blind trial.  One of the results was “fewer emergency caesarian sections occurred in the hypnosis group”

Hypnobirthing works because it is a process and a set of many skills that we already all possess and simply need to better understand.  We need to allow ourselves to find the technique within us.

The science behind Hypnobirthing makes sense – Period!

So if you are interested or know someone who may benefit from this method please take a look at the following link Hypnobirthing.

Catch up soon!


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