05th May 2024 – International Day of the Midwife

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05th May 2024 – International Day of the Midwife Celebrating Midwives: Fostering Connections, Attentive Listening, and Empowering Women

Midwives play an invaluable role in healthcare, often acting as the first and main point of contact for women during the prenatal period, labour, birth, and postpartum care. Their holistic approach to care ensures the health and safety of mother and child and fosters deep connections through attentive listening, emotional support, and empowering women with knowledge and confidence.

Fostering Connections

Through continuous and personalised care, midwives create a unique, trusting relationship with expectant mothers. Midwives profoundly understand each woman’s needs, concerns, and preferences by being present and available throughout the pregnancy. This connection is vital for providing compassionate care that respects every woman’s values and autonomy.

Attentive Listening

Attentive listening is a cornerstone of midwifery. By truly hearing and responding to a woman’s thoughts and feelings, midwives validate their experiences and can tailor their care approach accordingly. This empathetic communication helps to alleviate fears, build trust, and ensure that women feel heard and respected during one of the most significant times in their lives.

Empowering Women

Empowerment is integral to midwifery. Midwives educate and advocate for women, giving them the information and resources to make informed decisions about their bodies and care. This empowerment leads to increased confidence and agency, enabling women to take control of their birthing experience and overall well-being.

In celebrating midwives, we recognise their critical role in supporting the mother in birthing new life, enhancing maternal health, advocating for women’s rights, and strengthening families and communities. Their dedication to fostering connections, listening attentively, and empowering women makes a difference in the world of healthcare.


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