Erika, Many many thanks for our beautiful album and it was such a joyous gift to receive the prints. I am truly overwhelmed! It was wonderful to have met you and have you join us at such a wonderful time in our lives. Much love from us all xxx


"It’s a credit to the work you do Erika that my labour went as well as it did, so I wanted to say a huge thank you and keep up the good work :-)"


I’m so glad I met you and booked this course with you.  It helped me in so many different ways.  Birth was the one thing I feared most in my life; I now look at it as the most amazing experience a woman can go through, the whole thing is just a miracle!


Words cannot convey the deepest gratitude and appreciation that we have for all you have done for our family. 


Erika was my doula and I love her. She’s amazingly lovely….a heart as big as they come. I felt so much more confident with her there, her support really was invaluable.



Birth Centre Water Hypnobirth

Birth Centre Water Hypnobirth

WITH GROUP B STREP I woke up at 8 am on the 15th of January. I knew something was happening as the type of feeling I was having I had not felt before with the Braxton Hicks. My husband and I cuddled in bed for a few hours, then got up and made breakfast. By 11 am,...

How the movies helped!

How the movies helped!

I was a week overdue and starting to get a little impatient! I’d had a couple of acupuncture appointments, reflexology and been doing all manner of meditation and visualisations but the little guy was staying put! On Thursday morning I had a membrane sweep and my...

Celebrating New Years Day!

Celebrating New Years Day!

Just wanted to drop you an email to let you know our beautiful boy arrived with us at 10:53 pm 10 days early on New Years Day weighing an impressive 9.5lbs. Thanks to the classes with Erika Townend Birth and my amazing midwife J, I was able to have a water birth in...