Announcement – It is with great sadness but with great excitement that from 11 October 2018, Erika from WondrousBirth will be running under her new company name ErikaTownendBirth. 

Having relocated over a year ago it was inevitable that this time would come.  Erika has been an absolute gem during this time showing incredible patience with me as I fumbled through, a new baby, a house move and much more.
What I have found is that in all things, Erika is reliable and constant. Her support, motivation and excellent sense of humour have always been there for me and I will cherish that more than she will ever know. Her passion for birth is clear and inspiring and I wish her all of the best as she steps out into her own brand of awesome.

Our partnership is not completely over as we still have so much to offer each other. Self-employment is a lonely job and we are so lucky to have found each other.

Erika’s website will now incorporate her 3 passions, Hypnobirthing, Doula Services and Birth Photography and really reflects her personality and style very well.
I encourage you to have a look if you are looking for birth services in the Greater Berkshire, North Surrey and North Hampshire area and give her a call to get a feel for her warm personality.

Her Hypnobirthing classes will continue as the excellent and renowned KG Hypnobirthing method to the Berkshire area and beyond.  If you wish to explore her site please see Erika Townend Birth

WondrousBirth KG Hypnobirthing ( will continue to provide group and one-to-one classes in the South of Hampshire and West of Sussex and wish Erika all of the best!

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