All things Post Natal in Berkshire, near Bracknell, Wokingham, Camberley.

Black and white image of Dad and Newborn at home in the post natal period


Sessions that provide you with knowledge and confidence.

Round off all your antenatal learning with my full and in-depth postnatal session lasting 2 hours.  An area that we rarely pay much attention to but arguably just as important as your antenatal classes.

You will learn

  • How your baby physically and psychologically develops in the first six weeks
  • Providing you with the ability to make informed choices and better understand your newborn
  • Learning your babies cues and personality and much more
  • Support and information for those looking to breastfeed – access to a local breastfeeding expert for a small fee for additional support
  • Support and information for those wanting to bottle feed
  • Ideas on how you can look after yourself with self-care

This class is offered during school hours.  An ideal time may be during your maternity leave prior to your baby being born.

Session fee £120.00 with the option to tag on another session or to add my support as a Post natal Doula once your baby is born.

Want to learn more about how this will help you and your partner? Let’s chat


Black and white image of newborn bresatfeeding after a homebirth